To unite all heros. United we stand, no hero is alone, no individual will be left behind.


Our Mission

We are military and first responder veterans located in Sand Springs and Tulsa Metro area in the state of Oklahoma. Bringing back the camaraderie and networking of our greatest institutions is one of our core fundamentals.

Our purpose is fighting for the "Twenty-Two". Who are the twenty-two? They are the veterans that take their lives by their own hand each and every day. These are the sons and daughters that are still fighting the war years after they return home.

We are committed to providing connections to resources for our young and older veterans in or out of service. Don't get us wrong, we aren't giving handouts. We are giving a hand up in a way that not only builds on biblical values but demands personal growth. Helping to build a solid foundation for our veteran brother and sisters while fortifying their families.