Veterans & First Responders

Veterans and first responders do some of the most awesome things for their communities and country. But some of these things come at a price, not only to them but their families also. This is the side of the coin where Vets That Matter comes in.

Vets That Matter wants to be part of a solution in helping those with transitions and crisis management. Our fundamental goal is to build individuals through networking, resources and strengthening families.

We want to provide a place and path for young as well as old veterans to include:

  • Pre/Post deployed military members
  • Short term military leaving a current service
  • Long term military service retired

Transitions can be particularly challenging. We understand. Providing information and assistance on housing, education entities, job searches and Veterans Administration assistance in the local and metro area is our mission.

For first responders, we want to provide a place to gather, tell their story, get support and obtain a helping hand for their families.



Families of veterans and first responders are crucial to their success. We wish to provide a path to resources and information for family members. To provide an understanding of their veterans view point and dynamics.

We are highly invested in making an impact in Sand Springs and Tulsa Metro by providing for families in the local and metro communities.