Vets that Matter @ Chillin' and Grillin"

Come join the Vet’s That Matter May 31st and June 1st as we compete in our first Smoking Competition. Vets That Matter has recruited the services of the former Holy Smokers team consisting of Thomas Mercado, Brent Higgins, and Jim Field. Together these men won 5 consecutive People’s Choice awards amd took second their final year of competition. The event has changed quite a bit since it began which has these men competing in the main events rather than the People’s Choice. Although you won’t be able to eat any of their delicious meats, you can still come support them and enjoy the rest of the activities at Chillin’ and Grillin’ in Sand Springs.

Vets That Matters has a new home!

This article is courtesy of the Tulsa World written by Kirk McCracken on October 22, 2018.

“Vets That Matter” started as an organization that more or less housed out of Church That Matters in Prattville and met monthly at Broadway Barber Shop. Now, Vets That Matter has a home.

Located in the Prattville Shopping Center, Vets That Matter has a store front and offers veterans and first responders a place to come and decompress, visit with fellow soldiers and first responders, and get helps with veterans assistance or anything else they might need.

Wayne Pait, Warren Hood and Mark Swafford have taken on the task of providing assistance for these men, but they also want to fight, which is in their nature. They want to fight for their brothers that are struggling.

“Our purpose is fighting for the ‘Twenty-Two.’ Who are the twenty-two? They are the veterans that take their lives by their own hand each and every day. These are the sons and daughters that are still fighting the war years after they return home,” Hood said.

According to the organization Mission 22, there are 22 veterans a day that take their own lives because of what they have endured while in the service.

The men at Vets That Matter want to do anything they can to see those numbers decline until the number is zero.

Their mission is: “We are military and first responder veterans located in the Sand Springs and Tulsa Metro area in the state of Oklahoma. Bringing back the camaraderie and networking of our greatest institutions is one of our core fundamentals.”

The office is located at 1 W. 41st St. Suite B and is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Mondays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“Two military veterans who saw some of their brothers really struggling with re-engaging after deployment, with working through the benefit processes, with addiction and family dynamics, with finding employment, and with faith,” said CTM Pastor Rusty Gunn. “God put it on their hearts to do something to help. They are on a mission to help veterans leave behind the fight they were fighting overseas to fight the right battles here at home. They have expanded from having a monthly meeting in a barber shop to having a facility where Veterans and their families can come connect, relax, and unwind. After starting, they made a decision to include first responders who often face some of the same struggles with seeing the trauma and tragedies they experience in their work.”

Vets That Matter is committed to providing connections to resources for our young and older veterans in or out of active duty. They aren’t giving handouts, but giving a hand up in a way that not only builds on biblical values but demands personal growth. Helping to build a solid foundation for our veteran brother and sisters while fortifying their families.